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ElkWorks is a career-connected learning model that helps students gain transferable skills, stackable credentials, and experiential learning. The centerpiece of the model is the Elkhorn Area School District Career Pathways. The pathways walk families, students, business partners, and other stakeholders on a clear route to connecting their academic programming to their potential careers. Most career pathways end with the student earning an industry-recognized credential. The key pillars of each career pathway and ElkWorks are the four critical indicators of postsecondary success: dual-credit course enrollment, gaining industry-recognized certification, co-curricular participation, and work-based learning engagement.

Four Pillars of Career Readiness

Education for Employment (E4E) and Academic & Career Planning (ACP)

The Elkhorn Area School District is committed to providing a solid foundation for all students to be successful in their chosen path after graduation. To ensure our graduates are college and career ready, all students in grades 6-12 will create an Academic & Career Plan (ACP). Parents/guardians will be given multiple opportunities during each school year to participate in their child’s academic and career planning.

Noon Whistle

Tune into the Noon Whistle, our regular interview series with local and regional business owners. Learn how these individuals got their start, what they're looking for in a hire, and where their industry is headed.

Hosted by Chris Trottier and Jon Anzalone, the Noon Whistle can be found on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode.

Job Board

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We've partnered with several local school districts to maintain a Job Board for students and their guardians looking for employment. Visit wijobboard.com to search local listings, get career advice, and access other resources.

Career Pathways

Youth Apprenticeship

Youth Apprenticeship is a state-wide program that combines in-class learning and paid work experience.

Transition Services

Career-connected learning and post-high school success are essential for all students. It can be particularly challenging for students with physical, intellectual, or developmental disabilities and their families as they leave high school and enter the world of adult services. Transition provides early planning for youth to move towards goals.

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