Where Are They Now?

Elkhorn Area School District alumni share the lessons they learned in Elkhorn and their journeys after graduation. Click on the photos below to find out what our alumni have been up to since graduation! Be sure to take a look at our Alumni Business magazine, Takin' Care of Business, featuring EASD alumni who own businesses in Elkhorn.

David O'Connor

David O'Connor | 1989

Executive VP Franchise Management and Brand Marketing, Universal Pictures

Michael Bailey

Michael Bailey | 1991

Researcher and Faculty, The Ohio State

Liza Leibsle

Liz Leibsle | 1998

Attorney and Commercial Real Estate Broker

Don Davis

Don Davis | 1967

Consultant, Los Angeles Unified School District

Larry Bray

Larry Bray | 1971

VP of Mutual Assistance, Wisconsin Reinsurance Corp.

Lindsay Schwandner

Lindsay Schwandner | 2001


Bryan Muche

Bryan Muche | 1988

Business Consultant

Kersten Dentler

Kersten (Rodau) Dentler | 1989


Pamela Gerber

Pamela (Swatek) Gerber | 1980


Travis Pipes

Travis Pipes | 1999


Richard Von Scotter

Richard Von Scotter | 1957


Becky Buhler

Becky (Tank) Buhler | 1979

Principal, Central-Denison Elementary

Maria Odling

Maria (Risseeuw) Odling | 1958


Richard Houcque

Richard Houcque | 2014

Digital Creator

Emma Scaro

Emma Scaro | 2013

Sports Chiropractor

Chad Wuttke

Chad Wuttke | 1997

Broadcast Technician

Susan Tully Leibsle

Susan Tully Leibsle | 1970


Brooke Lile

Brooke (Van Dyke) Lile | 1997


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